Does secondary labour market improve the individual quality of life? Evidence from an empirical evaluation.


  • Gregorio Alivés


Background: A secondary labour market has developed in Switzerland during the last decades thanks to the joint initiative of public administrations and non-profit organisations. The main goal of the secondary market is the work integration and the social inclusion of "hard-to-place" unemployed people.

Aim: To evaluate the impact of secondary labour market on the individual quality of life.

Design: The study draws on three waves of observational data coming from a panel of 110 social assistance recipients in Canton Ticino.

Measures: Seven indicators of psychological, physical, social and material well-being.

Method: The statistical analyses are carried out by means of hybrid random effects linear regression models.

Results: We recorded a positive effect on the psychological and the financial dimensions of well-being. Surprisingly, the average impacts on physical well-being and social support are negative.



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Schweizerische Zeitschrift für Soziale Arbeit / Revue suisse de travail social
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